Prevention Programs

Relationship Education: A Choice for Hope (REACH)

Since 1995, Between Friends' REACH Program has provided education and prevention programming to 65,000 youth throughout the city of Chicago. Through discussion groups and classroom-based workshops, young people:

  • Gain a better understanding of how to build and maintain healthy relationships;
  • Learn about dating violence and how to prevent it in their own lives; and
  • Get involved in education and prevention efforts with their peers, schools, and in the larger community.

The following chart describes the REACH Programs currently offered:

Curricula Content/Purpose Age Group Number of Sessions**

Core Curricula


Discussing Relationships in Early Adolescence Makes Sense

To define violence and help students understand the impact of gender stereotypes and hateful language, forms of abuse and warning signs of abuse in relationships, and characteristics of healthy relationships.

Grades 7-8



Stop Teen Abusive Relationships

To help students think critically about their own dating relationships, understand the roots of violence in relationships, and examine the effects of popular media on gender identity and relationship dynamics, while also developing skills that lead to healthy relationships.

Grades 9-12



Stop Ongoing Abusive Relationships

To increase awareness of dating violence, help students understand how to build healthy relationships, and identify options and supportive services for young people in abusive relationships.

Grades 9-12


Peer Education and Leadership Initiatives


Youth Creating Allies for Relationship Education

To foster peer leadership skills for young people who are selected by their school or program staff, to assist young people impacted by domestic violence and to create outreach projects to educate and encourage other teens to address this violence.

Grades 7-12


S.K.Y. Girls' Groups

Sharing and Knowing Yourself

To offer guided discussions and activities that help girls gain problem-solving skills, discover tools for building self-esteem, and increase leadership abilities.

Grades 7-12


J.A.M.M.A.N. Boys' Group

Just About Men: Making Allies Now

To provide guidance and support for adolescent boys in developing healthy relationships and becoming allies in preventing gender-based discrimination and teen dating violence.

Grades 7-12


Capacity Building


Creating Allies for Relationship Education

To provide training, technical assistance, and support to adults who are in contact with youth, including school staff, parents, and youth-serving organizations about the dynamics, resources, and preventive strategies pertaining to teen dating violence.


1-4 hour session

** Individual sessions are 45 minutes to 1 hour long unless noted otherwise.

For more information about scheduling a REACH program for your school, contact our Prevention and Education Manager at (773) 274-5232 x 26.

800-603-HELP(4357) Crisis Hotline
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