About Domestic Violence

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, please click here.

What is Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a repeated pattern of mental, physical, emotional, sexual, or economic abuse where one partner makes the other partner feel scared, weak, isolated, hurt, or sad.

  • Abusive relationships are about power and control, not love.
  • Abuse is not your fault. Nothing you do deserves or justifies abuse.
  • When someone hits or yells at someone else, that is a choice they make. No person or circumstance can make someone attack his or her partner verbally or physically.

Know that abuse is a crime.

Types of Abuse

Physical Abuse is any forceful or violent physical behavior.

Sexual Abuse is any non-consenting sexual act or behavior.

Verbal or Emotional Abuse includes hurting another person's feeling by saying cruel, unfair comments or by name-calling.

Psychological Abuse is a threat to do bodily harm to a partner, child, family member, friends, pets or one's self (suicide). Psychological abuse involves hurt, anger, fear and degradation. Psychological abuse can render you emotionally insecure about your own self worth and can make you helpless to escape further physical, sexual and/or psychological abuse.

Economic Abuse includes controlling an intimate partner’s access to money through behaviors such as preventing a partner from going to work or causing them to lose a job.

Signs of Abuse

Checklist of Abusive Behaviors

Has your partner ever done any of the following?

  • Denied you access to money?
  • Bossed you around?
  • Pouted or denied affection?
  • Checked up on you (listened to phone calls, read text messages, followed you, etc)?
  • Insulted you?
  • Accused you of flirting or cheating on him/her?
  • Acted jealous of your friends?
  • Made negative comments about your body?
  • Yelled or screamed at you?
  • Treated you like you are a servant?
  • Slapped you or spit at you?
  • Pushed, grabbed, or shoved you?
  • Made it difficult for you to socialize with friends and family?
  • Thrown, hit, or destroyed property?
  • Forced you to do something you didn’t want to do?
  • Used or threatened to harm you with a weapon?
  • Physically harmed your pets?
  • Forced you to have sex?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, please consider calling our Crisis Line for more information at (800) 603-HELP.

800-603-HELP(4357) Crisis Hotline
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